Denise Boudrow Becker

President & Advisor at Darted Vision

As a lifetime optimist, Denise is a believer in the greater good. Blame her roots, which took shape up north in Boston and now digs deep in the Carolinas, for helping her cultivate a joyful tenacity that flows seamlessly through all facets of her work and life. It’s the same joyful tenacity that has propelled her in her roles as a domestic engineer, caregiver, coach, and counselor—and now allows her to excel as President and Advisor at Darted Vision.

Naturally talented in sparking a culture of positivity, igniting your people, your largest asset. Through her experience, she has mastered the ultimate skill of relating to others—a rare and invaluable expertise that she readily brings to every table she joins or invites others to join. By not settling in any single role throughout the beginning of her career, Denise has been free to exercise her faith-filled perspective and creative curiosity to find the good in every opportunity. And, if she can’t find the good, she creates it. She embraces the lessons she’s learned in life and uses them to help others.

At the heart of these pursuits is Denise’s passion for helping people discover or highlight their own hidden talents. Whether they’re an entrepreneur or corporate entity, a close friend or stranger. As a President, she doesn’t just build teams, she builds them up. As a consultant working across several industries she doesn’t just give insights, she inspires insightfulness in others. Through Darted Vision, Denise implements thoughtful analysis and strategy to fuel an inclusive structure and quality initiatives that brings cultural and financial sustainability to businesses.

At the end of each day, Denise finds her own fuel through an intense practice of gratitude—for her family, her friends, and the supportive community of strong personal and professional relationships that she ardently thrives on and supports. For Denise, recognizing the Good is just as rewarding as finding or creating it, both professionally and personally.

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